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Double Tail Beautiful Double Tail Betta, Staring at Reflection

  • Betta Type:
    • Double Tail
    These are a few photos of one of my first bettas that I owned, a double tail in a small 2 gallon acrylic tank. I don't recommend anything smaller than 3 gallons these days. Bettas will typically be fascinated by their own reflection and will often believe that another betta is staring at them from beyond the glass. Frequently you will see bettas flaring at their reflection, although that is not the case here as he is just curious.

    The other two photos show just how beautiful a double tail betta can be, often appearing to be a halfmoon given the breadth of its impressive fins. Its colors can change as well. Typically in a local fish store, bettas are kept in tiny containers or betta jars. As a result, they are not happy and comfortable, which will usually result in dull, dim and unexciting coloring. In addition, juvenile bettas will also not be as visually impressive as maturing and adult male bettas. The photo of the betta staring at his reflection shows more of a maturation of the fish as well as comfort level, showing more radiant and defined colors in its fins.

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  1. Mark Green
    I bought one from Petco last week and he died after two days. I also purchased four zebra fish from Petco and they all died after four days of purchase. No more Petco fish for me. The guppies that I purchased on ebay and at a local fish store are all doing fine after living here for two months.