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Veil Tail Female Veil Tail Betta Fish

Average User Rating:
  • Tank Size:
    10-19 Gallons
    No Plants
    Betta Type:
    • Veil Tail
    Just picked her up last week from petco, seems to be doing well :)
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Recent User Reviews

  1. michael
    "Nice looking female betta!"
    Pros - Pretty
    Cons - No cons!
    Beautiful betta. As was said, you're fortunate to find a female and a nice looking female (at that) at Petco. They stock a lot of bettas and some are actually pretty nice. But they usually only get males as they are the "prettier" of the two most of the time with longer fins. Looks great! Can't wait to see her color up as she enjoys here new home! Glad you're in a 10g+ tank as bettas are usually stuffed in tiny tanks that are way too small for their comfort and care. Good luck!
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    1. JustinG
      Thank you! In the past few weeks she seems to like her new home much better than the little bowl she was kept in for 2 weeks.

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  1. betta
    That's a beautiful female - and not usually so easy to find. If you ever look to breed them, be very careful. They are quite aggressive even with their own kind! Surprised you found a female at Petco, where they usually just have males because of their appearance. Enjoy!!!
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