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Crayfish Fighting Orange CPO Crayfish in HD

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    • Crayfish
    These are photos of a high definition 1080p video of two Orange CPO Crayfish fighting and then joined by a third dwarf crayfish. I had the camera in hand when I saw them fighting in the tank and decided to share what fighting dwarf crayfish actually means. This 2:30 minute video begins with 2 dwarf crayfish locked in a fight, wrestling and grappling with each other. The third slowly moves in, claws extended, and decides to test his opportunity at combat. Typically fighting crayfish will result in a lost claw, antenna or leg and which is why I decided to separate them before any true harm came of them. During another fight, one of the CPO crayfish did lose a claw, perhaps weakened in this fight, so the dangers are real. You can see a photo of the other dwarf crayfish fight in the photo gallery, second picture.

    The tank is a small 5 gallon tank with numerous hiding spaces, plants and foliage and wood for climbing. Three is the absolute maximum number of crayfish to have in a tank this size and I would suggest a mixture of genders. In the earlier days they would square off and usually back away when in proximity with each other. But on occasion, the larger dwarf crayfish with the brown spots on his back was clearly the aggressor against the two smaller ones. After time, the larger Orange CPO crayfish became more afraid of the other two and will back away when one encroaches upon his space.

    The Orange CPO Crayfish Fighting video can also be seen in the following HD video in 1080p!

Recent User Reviews

  1. betta
    "Rocking HD video!!!"
    Pros - Gorgeous video, clean, interesting to see.
    Cons - Fighting is never good. :( But it is a part of life
    A small showcase of what CPO crayfish fighting looks like. It's good to be able to identify if you're hoping to be a new CPO crayfish owner and set your expectation levels. It was interesting to see that even a third CPO crayfish may pile on in a fight and I'm glad that the video was cut before anyone got seriously injured. It always bothers me to see people shooting video while some type of maiming that is preventable is taking place.

User Comments

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  1. betta
    This is a really gorgeous video and nice photos! It must have been challenging to watch since they are your pets. But it seems as though you stumbled upon the fight well underway so much of the CPO crayfish fighting damage would have already been done. The crayfish are beautiful and some have a lot of personality. Keeping them separated can be quite a challenge unless you have a tank large enough.

    Online you don't really see that many orange CPO crayfish videos and I've never seen any of them fighting. They are a beautiful and relatively easy aquatic pet to keep. They also can be quite interesting watching them interact with each other. Hopefully you can post a showcase with your entire aquarium so that we can see your entire CPO crayfish setup!