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Delta Tail My First Betta Ricardo

Average User Rating:
  • Tank Size:
    1-9 Gallons
    No Plants
    Betta Type:
    • Delta Tail
    The first betta I had was kept in a small pet tank that was about 1.5-2 gallons. It's unfortunate that there is so much misinformation about bettas, nonsense about how they are used to rice paddy puddles. Like virtually all living beings, they enjoy having space as much as the next animal even though bettas appreciate tight spaces to squeeze into. I thought that this betta was a half moon since that is how he was labeled. But on closer observation, he appears to be a delta tail in a popular but not so common purple and white color combination.

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  1. michael
    That's a very pretty betta! Why did you have the ghost shrimp in the tank? That is a bit small to have them both in there and probably not enough hiding places. I guess that is a lesson to anyone who thinks that having small livestock in a tank with a betta is a reasonable idea!