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Half Moon My Half Moon Betta Ricardo II

Average User Rating:
  • Tank Size:
    1-9 Gallons
    No Plants
    Betta Type:
    • Half Moon
    My half moon betta, Ricardo II, lived in a 3 gallon Eclipse bowfront tank. I decided to get a size larger than recommended at the local fish store and am glad that I did. No betta should be kept in anything smaller. This tank has a black background and black sand - perhaps too much dark coloring - but it really brought out the betta's vibrant colors, especially when the light was on in the tank. I used the stock Eclipse 3 filter, which worked fine, as well as a small microheater made by Aqueon.

Recent User Reviews

  1. michael
    "Beautiful betta - vibrant colors!"
    Pros - Love the beautiful, full and unusual tail of this betta, especially the fin tips!
    Cons - May not be a prize winning contest entry, still a beautiful fish.
    A beautiful looking half moon, worth the quick look. Some may not consider this fish to be worthy of entering contests because of it doesn't have the consistent coloring across the betta's fin tips. I think viewing bettas like this is very harsh and I don't think it detracts from the beauty of this fish. Just noting for those enthusiasts who are looking for "prize winning" bettas. A lovely creature and really shines in the black background!

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