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Ocean Nutrition Atison's Betta Pro, Betta Fish Food

Perhaps the best betta food on the market, bettas seem to love the size and food.

  1. michael
    Atison's is a betta product line of Ocean Nutrition. They also make other products such as betta water addition as well as food. The Betta Pro product may have been removed from the market. It is unclear how it differs from the current offering and, from my experience using the "non pro" version, I haven't seen much difference in the look or acceptance of the food by my betta fish.

    Betta pellets is a better description of this food. Its ingredients include a mixture of protein, fat and fiber as opposed to being pure dried krill or dried shrimp. The pellets are smaller than the majority of betta pellets you will find in local fish stores. They are probably 1-2 mm in width, at most. In my experience I have found that bettas enjoy these sizes, even if slightly small, which allows even smaller bettas the ability to enjoy the food without problem.

    They are correct that the food will not cloud the water. Occasionally it will get stuck on the sides of the tank if not eaten by bettas and you will need to push it into the water to sink. However, most bettas will usually quickly elevate to the top of the tank to eat the food greedily and quickly. While most bettas are usually not shy when feeding appears at hand, I think that this food is well suited for them and they do genuinely seem to want to eat it as opposed to other pellets I have used.

    The food is also said to bring out the coloring of the fish. While I cannot attest to it doing so, I have noticed that like most Bettas, mine seemed to become even more beautiful and radiant as they grew towards adulthood and settled into their tank. Certainly a worthy food source with no complaints.


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Recent Reviews

  1. michael
    Excellent betta food, doesn't cloud the tank, bettas love it and it is small enough even for young fish that are well below adult size.