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Any / All Seachem Prime

Seachem Prime removes chlorine, cholramine and ammonia from freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

  1. betta
    Seachem Prime is one of the most popular solutions of aquarium hobbyists to remove chlorine from aquarium water. It also removes ammonia and chloramine, which is in addition to many other commercial chlorine removers. It also claims to provide slime coat for the fish, which aids in their health.

    Seachem Prime is powerful - One 5 mL capful can be used to condition 200 liters (50 gallons) of tap water for a freshwater or saltwater aquarium. This means that a modest sized 500 mL bottle is enough to purify 5,000 gallons of tapwater, at least theoretically. Many experienced fishkeepers rely upon Seachem Prime to condition their water and I have yet to see claims of failure.

    There is an odor that emanates from the Seachem Prime bottle. It's not exactly pleasant but it doesn't make its way into the aquarium. In addition, extra Prime that may linger on the bottle will crystallize into a salt-like substance and can cause a small mess - so wipe off the bottle after use if there is even a slight evidence of spillage. Seachem claims that each 5 ml dose will remove approximately 0.8 mg/L of ammonia and 1.2 mg/L of chloramine or 3.3 mg/L of chlorine. It may also be used to dtoxify nitrite in emergency situations.

    Instructions: Seachem Prime may be added directly to an aquarium which contains newly added tapwater. However it is far more preferable to add Prime to tap water in a separate container and condition the water properly before adding it to the tank. This may significantly reduce stress levels of livestock, who would encounter a momentary surge of chlorine, ammonia and chloramine as a result of the tap water being added directly to the tank. Adding too much Prime is still safe for fish, which makes the product safe and easy to use.


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Recent Reviews

  1. betta
    One of the best water purifiers and conditions to remove ammonia and chlorine from standard tap water. It has always served me well, never let me down and one modest sized bottle lasts for a very long time.