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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Alasse, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Hiya, I an Aussie female addicted to fish keeping (much to hubbies disgust lol) Love to chat to likeminded people :)

    Currently running

    5ft - Planted - Angels, Black Widow Tetras, couple of Bristlenose, 1 platinum gouramis and a BGK
    4ft - Planted - Fancies goldies - 2x Ryukin, 2x Oranda, 1x Pearlscale, 1x Black moor, Bristlenose juvies & Apple snails
    3.5ft - Peppermint BN colony & Cherry shrimp
    3ft - Planted - Neon tetras, Dwarf gouramis, Cherry shrimp and Peppermint BN juvies
    2.6ft - Planted - Tiger Barbs, Cherry shrimp, Oto, Peppermint BN juvies & a RTBS
    2.6ft - Albino/Common Bristlenose colony & Cherry shrimp
    2.6ft - Planted - Tiger Endlers, Cherry shrimp, Bristlenose juvies & Ember Tetras
    2ft - Shell Dwellers
    2ft cube - Fantail goldie
    1.5ft - Planted - Yellow Cherry shrimp
    1ft - Planted - Betta & Cherry shrimp

    A few more sitting waiting for me to set them up eventually :)