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Goldfish sizes

Discussion in 'Goldfish, Koi, Pond Fish' started by Anonymous, Jul 13, 2009.

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    I put this chart together for goldfish growth rates. Some think because they may come in a bowl at the fair, they can live in one. NOT! Plan ahead and don't get goldfish unless you can supply ample tank space.

    Common Goldfish 12" +
    Comet Goldfish 12" +
    Shubunkin Goldfish 10"
    Fantail Goldfish 6"
    Veiltail Goldfish 6-8"
    Celestial Goldfish 5-6"
    Bubble-Eye Goldfish 6-8"
    Calico Goldfish also called the Shubunkin
    Butterfly Tail Goldfish 9"
    Telescope-Eye Goldfish 8"
    Ranchu Goldfish 6"
    Moor Goldfish 10"
    Oranda Goldfish 8-12"
    Lionhead Goldfish 6"
    Lionchu Goldfish 6"
    Pearlscale Goldfish 8"
    Ryukin Goldfish 4-6"
    Wakin Goldfish 10"
    Pom-Pon Goldfish 5"
    Jikin Goldfish 9"
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    Good job ! ;) I'll move this to the knowledge base section. Common/Comet goldfish are really more of a pond fish.
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    Nice, thanks for the chart!
  4. KingKedros452

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    The biggest oranda goldfish I've seen in person was 36 years old and probably close to 15 inches. He lived in a small indoor pond with a waterfall. But alas that store closed down because it was an animal wasteland that people had been protesting for about 36 years. I think the store was a front for drug dealing.