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Greetings! New to AS ...and looking for Endlers.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FishGarden, May 16, 2019.

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    Hello, fellow aquarium keepers!
    I've been keeping aquariums of various sizes since 1972. Have always loved the water world - even did a stint at a local tropical fish store back in the 80s. Have taken a 10-year break, but am eager to get back to it! Amazing how much stuff degrades/changes over time. Had to buy new lights, filters and media, pumps, tubing, etc., etc. Whew!
    I'm currently considering Endlers. Have always loved smaller fish and guppies, so they seem to be a perfect fit to satisfy both likes!
    We're in Tacoma, WA and I can't find any locally. Anyone know where I can get healthy Class N Enders? My heart is set on Blue Star (Voisin), Snakeskin Orchid, and/or Peacocks. Would like to keep the strains as pure as possible, and do have the equipment to do it. I just wince at the thought of paying $100 for 5-8 fish.
    So glad I happened upon this site! Have already gleaned a ton of information and am excited to catch up on all the new aquarium "toys". wink My husband is already groaning. Ha!