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Greets From Belguim and The Crasher

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by The Crasher, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. The Crasher

    The Crasher Thread Starter New Member

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    hi all
    its time to introduce myself now after a few posts and a quick look on the forums :)

    so here it comes

    i aim The Crasher
    i live in belguim and i aim 19 years old
    i love fish ( but on a other way you guys do probaly :S )

    when i was a few year younger , i loved fish for fishing on it

    then when the time past then i lost everything over fish ( no time anymore for it :( ) and now i dont know mutch anymore over fish

    i dont know how to explain what i mean , but i think you can understand it a little ^^

    then probly comes your question here
    What are you doin on this forum then ??

    whel its simple , its not that i dont know mutch over fish anymore that i cant talk over fish and that i dont want to learn over fish ( a fresh start ^^ ) so thats makes me comes to here :)

    thats all i can say , feel free to ask what you want to know and i answer

    Greets From The Crasher :)
  2. Anthony

    Anthony Active Member

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    Welcome The Crasher
  3. Keuzeserver

    Keuzeserver New Member

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    Hey, you live close to me, I am from Holland.

    Welcome in our fish paradise... exept for the food forum then :p