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Hello from Florida

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Anonymous, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. LemonDiscus

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    I have been there a few times before.... no it is not as nice as it is made out to be. My wife used to live there when she was a kid... again she has told me it is not "that" nice. (her family did leave with her after loosing EVERYTHING to Hurricane Andrew)

    A lot of sales on Ben-Gay there! :)

    That and Hurricanes being a WHEN and not an IF. The best thing of Florida is that is where a larger percentage of import animals comes in. You can get baby cockatoos for like $500 whereas they are $1400 once they trickle into the local pet stores here in VA.

    The flaw to that though is there are large numbers of people who release non-native species of animals which is messing up Florida's ecosystem.
  2. Anthony

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    I used to live in Clearwater, FL for a short time.
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    thanks for the welcome, i got a ? for who ever can answer it, i have two triggers, huma and a niger, a few other fish in a 125gal my ? is i add a tusk and at first both triggers were messin with him, now the huma chilled but the niger seem like he does not like him, do you think they can kill him or will they chill after a little while. thanks in advance