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Hi again, everyone!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jinglesrr, May 24, 2012.

  1. jinglesrr

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    I generally "lurk" on this board as I don't yet have the experience that many others here have (although I try, I try!). While my fresh water tank is small (20 gallons), my fish are healthy, my water is finally clearing now that I have stopped cleaning my filters and changing my water so much and generally am leaving "well enough alone". I have beautiful German Rams, several black tetras and neon cardinals, a couple of rosy rasporas and yellow Danios, and a bull dog, albino bushy nose, panda corys, and a recent butterfly dwarf catfish, and they all do a fantastic job of eating any algae on the tank's walls. I suppliment with algae waffers and everyone gets Tetramin flakes in the AM and frozen blood worms at night.

    I have a LOT of red lotus plants and give liquid ferts. every morning. I get so many growing at this time of the year that I periodically have to snip down handfulls of the leafs that will grow up to the tank's lights.

    I enjoy reading everyone's comments and seeing the photos as well!

  2. Brent W

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    Hi Ruth! Thanks for stopping back in and giving us an update. Hope to see you around the forums more. :)