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Holding tank experience

Discussion in 'Beginners, New Tanks, Recommendations' started by fishmanbob3, Apr 23, 2019.

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    This last week I purchased 3 FM betas and 3 Serape tetras and placed them in my 10 gal holding tank before introduction to my 55 gal tank. One of the FM betas was very aggressive and worried and chased one of the other FM Betas into death and nipped fins of the other one and kept the tetras cowered into corners of the tank. Out of desperation I put the aggressive FM into the 55 gal tank where there are 2 FM betas that tolerate each other, one is dominate and slightly aggressive.

    Upon entry to the 55 gal tank the 2 dominate Female betas were quick to discover each other and began to associate quite closely in a mutual admiration type of pose with close entwined contact, this went on for a while and they seemed to accept each other and are current doing quite well. The original dominate FM beta is still the dominate one in the 55 gal tank.

    It will be interesting to see what the response to introduction of the remaining bets in the holding tank when the fin repair and quarantine period is over. I plan to do some major rearrangement of plants and rock hiding places prior to transferring the remaining FM Beta and the 3 serape tetras.

    In view of the lfs practice of only having one FM beta in their display tank with other varieties believe I understand why now.
    Fish have fascinating personality quirks that provides an endless fascination!
    Will keep you posted on outcome.