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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ryandcentral, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. ryandcentral

    ryandcentral Thread Starter New Member

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    Hey, my names Ryan.
    im 14.
    fish are really interesting.
    my favorite are tropical fish, although i've never had a fish tank.
    making one this winter, and im going to expand it over years.
    new to fish aquariums.(if anyone could give me some tips that'd be great.)
    i like to swim,skii, and play soccer..

    dont really know anything else to write about!
  2. Anthony

    Anthony Active Member

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    Hey there Ryan, welcome to the forum.

    I'm sure looking around the forum will give you a lot of ideas.

    What size tank were you planning on doing ?
  3. MOD_Dawn

    MOD_Dawn Active Member

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    Hey Ryan, welcome to the forum.
    First tanks are SoooOoo exciting!
    So your doing freshwater tropical..nice :)

    I seen in the other post your looking at a 10-30 gallon tank--> New to aquarium / fish tank building
    Go for the biggest size you can afford...trust me on this one. Bigger tanks are easier to keep stable water chemistry wise and a lil more forgiving with "mistakes" that most newbies will come up against.

    Are you looking to do a natural looking setup (ie. Driftwood, sand or eco-complete dirt-like substrate, maybe some live plants) or a fake setup (ie. colored gravel, fake plants, ceramic decorations)?

    And last (for now) would be what are you planning on stocking IN it? (type of fish, plecos, inverts your planning to add)
  4. buzz4520

    buzz4520 Well-Known Member

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  5. nossie

    nossie Member

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    Welcome! I'm really curious of your ideas, and I'm sure many others would love you to tell more about them! :D

    You could start by answering the questions already asked