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Locking and or Archiving Topics

Discussion in 'Site News / Feedback / Questions' started by MOD_Dawn, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. MOD_Dawn

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    Topics can and will be locked and or archived for the following reasons:

    [*]Original poster was banned...and the topic requires the original posters reply

    [*]Topic required reply from poster, a fair amount of time elapsed and no reponse was received.

    [*]The topic or a similar topic already exists and can be found through the "SEARCH"
    -> on cases such as these the link to the correct posting area will be provided and information may be copied and pasted into the correct area for you ;)

    [*]The topic contained profanity or was not "family oriented" in nature.
    -> Please keep in mind this is a family oriented forum which we would like to keep this way so people of all ages may enjoy it here with us!

    [*]The topic requires no reponse and is merely provided for informational purposes (ex. topic in knowledge base may have lock)

    ;) IF the topic locked/removed is yours and you feel that it shouldn't have been then you can simply pm one of us and we'll discuss it with you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.