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Welcome Guests & New Members

Discussion in 'Site News / Feedback / Questions' started by MOD_Dawn, May 25, 2009.

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    Welcome to THE EXOTIC FISH forum

    This is a friendly family oriented forum for all things aquatic.

    1st take a few seconds to register, and then jump right in by introducing yourself.

    Please note the various options available at the TOP of the page
    (ie. Forum Index, FAQ, Search, Members, Profile, Calc, Chat, Twitter, and MySpace).

    YOU can personalize things such as your profile, signature, avatar, and account settings by clicking the Profile option at the TOP of the page.
    From there you will be able to view an options panel to your LEFT that will have various clickable options such as Manage Subscriptions, Profile, Board Preferences and much more.

    [icon_question.gif] If you need additional help or further assistance you can always pm:
    the site owner --> Anthony
    or our site administrator--> Jake
    we’re always glad to help!

    ;) Areas you may also be interested in:

    [*] Photo Contest- we run a monthly photo contest where fellow forumers get to be the judges!
    For additional information view viewtopic.php?f=28&t=490

    [*] Off Topic- Not much to say that's related to wet pets? Then check out our Off Topic section where you can shoot the breeze on just about anything!

    All We Ask is that you keep it Clean & Friendly- enabling people of all ages to enjoy the forum and that you DO NOT advertise nor post sites/links that lead to outside forums.

    Thank You ;)