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55g African Peacock Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquariums & Fish Photos' started by Ben, May 16, 2011.

  1. Ben

    Ben Thread Starter New Member

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    Sorry about the quality of the pictures it is a crappy camera in my opinion.

    This is the tank in it's current state.
    View attachment ai29.servimg.com_u_f29_16_19_17_33_jessi_11.jpg

    Hap Insignis
    View attachment ai29.servimg.com_u_f29_16_19_17_33_jessi_12.jpg

    View attachment ai29.servimg.com_u_f29_16_19_17_33_jessi_13.jpg

    Sunburst and he is the boss of the tank right now.
    View attachment ai69.servimg.com_u_f69_16_19_17_33_jessi_20.jpg

    Not sure what these are other than hybrids.
    View attachment ai69.servimg.com_u_f69_16_19_17_33_jessi_25.jpg

    The other sunburst.
    View attachment ai69.servimg.com_u_f69_16_19_17_33_jessi_29.jpg

    Unfortunately this OB kicked the bucket. Still trying to get an Id on the other fish in the picture.
    View attachment ai69.servimg.com_u_f69_16_19_17_33_jessi_30.jpg

    My synodontis playing peekaboo.
    View attachment ai69.servimg.com_u_f69_16_19_17_33_jessi_28.jpg

    Will try to get some better pictures posted eventually
  2. buzz4520

    buzz4520 Well-Known Member

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    fish and tank looks good. i need to get some rocks like that for my mbuna tank.
  3. Ben

    Ben Thread Starter New Member

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    The rocks are lace rock which helps buffer the ph. Very easy to create caves with it I love the stuff.