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AquaBid Seller Ark ~ Freshwater Shrimp

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by MOD_Dawn, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Arkadiy Verbovikov
    : Ark
    *If you'd like to be put in touch with him, please simply ask
    This is a link to his Feedback--> http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/ ... ?&&vfb&Ark

    Although I can't say I personally know this gentleman, I can tell you that he came across as a very nice person and quickly answered all of my questions that I bombarded him with. I initially contacted him through AquaBid and then later corresponded back and forth via e-mail (I needed to know a few things prior to purchasing: compatibility, parameters, availability and whether combined shipping was a possibility). It's ALWAYS better to ask first, rather than just assume!

    I was happy to learn he had a larger selection- larger than what he offered on AquaBid.
    At the time of my purchase the following were offered for sell:
    {*} Yellow
    {*} Fire Red
    {*} Crystal Red
    {*} Tiger
    {*} Snowball
    {*} Dark Green
    {*} Crystal Black/Bee Shrimp
    *He even informed me that he had additional shrimp that he was currently breeding, but hadn't planned on offering them just as of yet.

    I was able to save on shipping by not being forced to pay for overpriced overnight/express shipping.
    The shipping offered to me was good ole' still somewhat cheap USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail with delivery confirmation!

    As soon as I confirmed what I wanted & in what quantities was able to send the payment to him via PayPal. He immediately updated the status of my order to show the USPS delivery confirmation number. Boy how I wish others who sold would follow that very same protocol....Simply Buyer Pays>Seller Packages & Ships> Buyer Receives..no delays/no drama!

    Everything I ordered arrived well packaged and MOST IMPORTANTLY ALIVE!!!! congrats
    I expected to receive stressed shrimp from enduring the travel with poor color...to my amazement they actually had descent coloration and were very active upon unpacking them and colored up immensely within about an hour or two.

    I would DEFINITELY order from this person again without hesitation and plan on doing so in the very near future ;)

    My order consisted of:
    10 Tigers
    15 CRS
    20 Yellows
    20 Fire Reds
    Shipping - $17
    *I did not include prices, as I'm aware prices tend to vary from time to time*

    The following link will take you to the thread that I have dedicated to these shrimp (photos are shown within the thread)