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Aquascaping Critique/Rating

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plants & Planted Tanks' started by LemonDiscus, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. LemonDiscus

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    This is a thread where you can post photos of your tank and have it critiqued by myself (for the time being unless Dawn or Anthony would like to score some). Please dont comment on the photos, this is for evaluation and informational purposes ONLY and IS NOT for discussion. PLEASE post and comment in the PHOTO section of this forum to do that

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread like this.

    Here is how the rating system will work

    * Overall Impression (between 1 - 35 points)
    * Composition, Balance, Use of Space, Use of Color (between 1 - 30 points)
    * Selection & Use of Materials (between 1 - 20 points)
    * Viability of Aquascape (between 1 - 15 points)

    Feel free to submit and I will judge based off of the the above criteria and also leave constructive comments. I am by NO MEANS an expert (not many are) and will score to my best ability.

    Also it may take me some time to evaluate the photos. Please attach the largest and clearest photos you can. Make sure your water is clear, filters are off, algae is clear and the tank is in the best presentable condition you can get it in. It may take me a bit of time before I get to it as I do other things as well and would like to spend some time evaluating the photos to give my best opinion.

    PLEASE include the following information:
    * Size & Type of tank (glass or acrylic)
    * Substrate Type & Amount Used/Depth
    * Water type used (Tap, Ro/di, Ro, well, etc)
    * Water Parameters (pH, GH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, Iron, Oxygen, co2)
    * Water Temperature
    * List of all plants that are in the tank
    * Filtration Type and Media Used
    * Lighting Type, Wpg, Brand Bulbs being used, Type of Bulbs being used, Total amount of hours lighting is on
    * Any hidden or misc. equipment ...or anything else I should know about?
    * Dosing Type, Amounts, and Frequency (even if it's not plant related)
    * Maintenance Amounts and Frequency (partials, media changes, filtration/equipment cleaning, etc)

    (Information requested will be for learning purposes, so others can see what is and what is not working for various planted setups. Also, many others may like to do something similar with their own tanks but have wondered what they will need to make various/specific types of plants grow.)
  2. LemonDiscus

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    Explanation of ratings:

    Overall Impression - maximum 35 points
    o Does the aquascape make a significant positive visual impression upon the viewer?
    o Do all parts of the aquascape work together to present a harmonious whole?
    Composition, Balance, Use of Space, Use of Color - maximum 30 points
    o Is the aquascape laid out well?
    o Does balance exist between the various components of the aquascape? Is space within the aquarium used effectively? Do open areas exist and balance and complement more enclosed spaces?
    o Are the colors of the various elements of the aquascape complementary and do they work well together?
    Selection & Use of Materials - maximum 20 points
    o Are the materials selected for use within the aquascape appropriate for use in an aquarium?
    o Are the various materials harmonious with one another? I.e. if several rocks and/or pieces of driftwood are used, do they compliment one another or do they produce a discordant effect?
    Viability of Aquascape - maximum 15 points
    o Is the aquascape set up in a manner which, with proper maintenance, is likely to lead to long term success of the aquarium?
    o If used, are the plants selected for the aquascape appropriate for long term use in an aquarium?
    o If visible, are the animals selected as inhabitants of the tank likely to cause damage to one another or to the aquascape itself?

    And this is for PLANTED TANKS ONLY!