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Article Common Freshwater Fish Parasites Pictorial Guide

Discussion in 'Aquarium Equipment & Decor' started by cooltow1, Dec 30, 2009.

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    All content on this page was created by and is copyrighted by the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)

    Ciliates (Motile): Chilodonella, Ich, Tetrahymena, Trichodina

    Ciliates (Sessile): Ambiphrya, Apiosoma, Capriniana, Epistylis

    Crustaceans: Argulus (“Fish Louse”), Ergasilus, Lernaea (“Anchor Worm”)

    Digenean Trematodes: (White Grub, Yellow Grub, or Black Grub)

    Dinoflagellates (Piscinoodinium/Velvet), Coccidia, Microsporidians, & Myxozoans (Henneguya)

    Flagellates: Cryptobia, Ichthyobodo (Costia), Protoopalina, Spironucleus

    Monogeneans: Gill flukes (Dactylogyrus) and Skin flukes (Gyrodactylus)

    Nematodes: Camallanus, Capillaria, Contracaecum, Eustrongylides

    Worms and Leeches: Acanthocephalans, Cestodes, Leeches, & Pentastomes

    Chilodonella.jpg Ich.jpg Tetrahymena.jpg Trichodina.jpg Ambiphrya.jpg Apiosoma.jpg Capriniana.jpg Epistylis.jpg Argulus.jpg Ergasilus.jpg Lernaea.jpg DigeneanTrematodes.jpg Coccidia.jpg Microsporidians.jpg Myxozoans.jpg Piscinoodinium.jpg FlagellatesCryptobia.jpg FlagellatesIchthyobodo.jpg FlagellatesProtoopalina.jpg FlagellatesSpironucleus.jpg Dactylogyrus.jpg Gyrodactylus.jpg Camallanus.jpg Capillaria.jpg Contracaecum.jpg Eustrongylides.jpg Acanthocephalans.jpg Cestodes.jpg Leech.jpg Pentastomes.jpg