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Crayfish CPO Crayfish are very hardy pets! Long trip, no effect!

Discussion in 'Invertebrates' started by michael, Mar 2, 2015.

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    Took a trip for a couple of weeks and thought I had set up my CPO crayfish tank to deal with the trip. During that time, my power went out and the air pump, light and autofeeder all went out, as did the heater. General temperature was probably around 60F at best, which for crayfish isn't supposed to be a problem and actually colder is recommended. I had inserted some extra pellets earlier and the tank has java moss, along with a bunch of bloodworms that used to hang out in the gravel.

    When I arrived back, the CPO crayfish were still alive and actually looked reasonably well. Even the red cherry shrimp was still himself, although his tail was a little ragged. I cleaned out the water, removed a handful of apple snails, cleaned the filter, did a 60% water change and fed them some fresh food. Within 2 days, the tank was sparkling, the CPO crayfish looked incredibly happy (they looked happier immediately after the tank cleaning) and the red cherry shrimp's tail seemed to heal itself from the minor deterioration, if you want to call it that. I have incredibly high praise for these little crayfish, incredibly hardy pets, survivors and not prone to changes that would probably seriously affect many fish.