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Do It Yourself Create Your Own Frozen Food Feeder

Discussion in 'Aquarium Equipment & Decor' started by MOD_Dawn, Mar 31, 2011.

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    I came across this idea online (and it's very similar to how I created a chaeto for my old salty setup that I had-just minus the airline...the addition of the "macro"...and positioning the filter flow or powerhead to "agitate" it).

    Step 1
    Purchase a Suction Bath Organizer similar to this one being offered at Amazon.
    http://www.amazon.com/InterDesign-23500 ... pd_sim_k_1

    Step 2
    Attach Airline tubing to an airpump, then insert the tubing through the bottom "hole" of the Suction Bath Organizer.

    Step 3
    Attach the unit to the inside wall of your aquarium

    Cheap, Useful, and works!
    showing unit in place with air running into it..jpg showing attaching unit to inside of tank.jpg bottom shot showing airline tubing going through the bottom opening.jpg The container.jpg