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Fish stocking mix progress

Discussion in 'Beginners, New Tanks, Recommendations' started by fishmanbob3, May 4, 2019.

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    My 55 gal tank now has an acclimated family of 6 cory's, 6 tiger barbs, 3 serape tetras, 4 FM betas. The 10 gal quarantine tank has 3 additional serape's and 1 additional FM beta that will go in the community tank in 2 weeks. At that point I will consider the tank fully stocked and not plan on any additions. I have added additional plants to get a more heavily vegetation look which also provides appreciable refuge places for the pursued. The tiger barbs seem to be the biggest chase residents, they will chase anything that will be chased. They chased the cory's for a while till receiving some push back and then it ceased. They attempted to chase the FM betas only a short while and now they are no longer pursued. The TB's now seem satisfied with pursuit of each of their own.
    Overall I am quite pleased with the tank mix as they seem to be compatible.