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Flying Fox-Epalzeorhynchus kalopterus

Discussion in 'Fish Profiles' started by MOD_Dawn, Jun 24, 2009.

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    Flying Fox

    Origins:From northern India and Thailand to parts of Indonesia, including Sumatra and Borneo.
    Diet:Algae and livefoods
    Water:Temperature 72-77F; soft (50mg/l) and acidic (pH 6.0-6.5).
    Temperament:Relatively peaceful.

    The Flying Fox has a body pattern very similar to its Siamese relative. It, too, feeds on algae, nibbling algae growth from rocks with its low-slung mouth. Flying foxes require a range of other foods to supplement the algae in their diet, with worms being especially favored. The sleek body shape reflects the fact that these fish are strong swimmers that naturally inhabit fast-flowing water. They often become more territorial with age.