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Help with new plants

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plants & Planted Tanks' started by chunkslabdog, May 3, 2011.

  1. chunkslabdog

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    In the past I have always used "plastic" plants due to the fact I could never get live plants to live and when they died I had a huge mess in the aquarium. I have gone with live plants since establishing an new aquarium. They are planted and appear to be really nice plants so need so help in keeping them this way. Do I have to feed them and how and what? I purchased plants that were reported easy, low light. I would like a maintance that is easy and the least "upset" to the tank.
  2. MOD_Dawn

    MOD_Dawn Active Member

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    what are the names of the plants you have, and are you aware that aquatic plants have different planting requirements (ie. swords you don't want to fully bury the crown, whereas stems can be pruned at the base and inserted directly into the substrate)?

    what are your water parameters (moreso the temperature and the pH being some plants do better in cool waters and some in warm, and the same goes with pH in that some do best with low pH and some do better with higher pH)?

    what type of light bulbs do you have on the tank and what are their wattages? (ie, flourescent, compact, ho, vho, leds....6700K bulbs, 10000K bulbs, colormax bulbs, etc)

    are you using co2 or any type of plant additive such as Seachem flourish, Seachem flourish excel, etc?

    and just a side note, but any plant will do "better" with a nutrient rich substrate (eco-complete is a really good one, and I've heard baylees better bottom is also great though I've never used it).