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How do i keep my Co2 consistent

Discussion in 'Aquarium Equipment & Decor' started by manta975, Nov 12, 2011.

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    So i started up a new 29 gallon tank and i have it going with Pressurized Co2. Its a 5lb tank with a regulator. I don't have a solenoid valve because it seems useless to me all it does it seems is turn on and off the gas when you put it on a timer (or if your fancy hook it up to a PH contoler). Now i seem to have a very inconsistent amount of gas flowing. Most of the time within the day it has either increased a lot or has gone down to nothing (not enough to get out of the tube to the tank). how can i keep it more consistent without a PH controller and solenoid. From what i have read it seems i need some other valve so i can run my regulator at 15+ PSI (apparently most regulators are not very stable at their lowest settings)then take that down with another valve. Anyone know how i can keep it more consistent.

    Any ideas will help i want to get fish in this thing soon (after the cycle of course) but don't want to have massive death PH swings