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i need advise on lights for 110 gal high planted tank

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plants & Planted Tanks' started by xncman, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. xncman

    xncman Thread Starter New Member

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    im new to the aquarist hobby and need lots of help setting up my tank..
    any and all info appreciated..but mostly lkng for advise on the following..
    cable heater...substrate..laterite..gravel..lighting.
    i have purchased a 100w cable heater....is that good/bad???
    what material is best to put on top of it??
    i have some florite..how/what should i mix with it.???
    is laterite important?? ive been told if i use florite its not needed..
    if i use a neutral gravel on top of substrate is that bad..ive been told they are all painted and want absorb nutrients because of the paint..
    and lastly lights...some say 2-3 watts per gal..i have 216w florescent t5.. ..2 24 watt sun wave 12k ho and 2 24watt blue wave..is that good or do i need something better??
    again lots of questions. and any info appreciated..
  2. stevenrox

    stevenrox New Member

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    lots of questions but ummm.....seems like your set all i would recommend is a co2 system to prevent all types of algae growth
  3. MOD_Dawn

    MOD_Dawn Active Member

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    Never used cable heaters, from what I've read on them when I was in the market for a heater is that they don't do anything proven to help plants.... but what I can tell you is that Eco-Complete Planted Substrate is awesome for plants and doesn't require cable heating or muck with your waters parameters. It takes about a week for the initial break in period to see beneficial affects and doesn't require any rinsing.

    fosters recommends FLORAMAX for cable heated tanks.

    i have some florite..how/what should i mix with it.???
    depends on what your looking for, ie. peat and sand will work...as will just about anything else for that matter

    nope, not if your already using flourite with about a 50/50 mix with something else. Flourite is better than laterite imo.

    Wouldn't do the gravel, many of them will give off a waxy substance (coloring)...if looking for cheap could go with natural pea gravel. Can score that in huge bags at wal-mart in the garden section? If not going with eco I'd do something like CaribSea Tahitian Moon sand.

    I have a 90g and am running a 216W t-5 ho with Geissman bulbs, you should aim for 6700K bulbs for a planted setup (blue wave will do nothing for plants).
    If I were you I'd do these--> http://www.reefgeek.com/lighting/Re...00K_Midday_Sun_T5_HO_Fluorescent_by_Giesemann
    the aquafloras are so nice!
    -> you can check my signature and follow the 90g link to see them on my tank (last few pages).

    And of course on a 110g you will need co2 at a minimum (liquid Seachem line would be expensive--trust me, I ran it on my 90g...I think James uses dry?...might want to ask him on that one).

    If your going all out on this setup I'd do a uv sterilizer to combat some of the algae (i know when I started I got the gooey green water at first and the uv took care of it within 48hours).

    Oh, and I was told by a guy at my lfs who does there planted tanks that it's always a good idea to run an aerator at night when the lights are off to boost the oxygen for the inhabitants (something about oxygen being low at night)?