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Is anything wrong with my Goldfish?

Discussion in 'Fish Diseases & Cures' started by san_sam, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. san_sam

    san_sam Thread Starter New Member

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    My cute little oranda is being a little lethargic ever since my black moor passed away. There is a little white spot on her dorsal fin. Her tail ends have turned a little dark and the tail looks like it is getting split. My mom thinks she might have babies soon.. LOL! I am doing a 80% water change every week and I have one more doubt. There are white lines because of the water evaporation in the tank should I clean it when I do the partial water change or should I clean the whole tank.
    07042010047.jpg 07042010044.jpg
  2. Anthony

    Anthony Active Member

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    Is she the only fish acting this way ? I don't see anything on her tail.

    Don't change so much water each week. Only change about 20-30%. The white lines are just mineral deposits, you can clean them off when ever you feel like it. They won't harm anything, although might be harder to get off over time.
  3. nossie

    nossie Member

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    Such beautiful pictures... <3

    Well, to the case! I think that you're disturbing your filter bacteria horribly with these huge water changes of yours. Are you testing the water regularly? Because your fish might have ammonia burns, very small ones for now it seems. And if she's lethargic, it might very well be related to water quality problems. This is probably all caused by the fact that your tank isn't allowed to cycle in peace, and to keep these bacteria needed to deal with the fishes' waste. Get yourself a water test kit, if I remember right you don't have one, and if you'll keep changing the water this way, your fish are going to get stressed, and most probably sick. It looks like this one has torn fins too, but it could just be the light in the photo. While your tank's cycling you shouldn't make any bigger water changes than 10% at most, from time to time whenever the tests show high levels of ammonia/nitrite.
  4. buzz4520

    buzz4520 Well-Known Member

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    sorry to hear that your oranda isn't feeling/doing well...try to get your tank water tested, we can help your fish and you better if we know what the parameters are. check and see if your local fish/pet store will test the tank water for you if you bring them a sample.