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L14 (Sunshine)& L46 (Zebra) Pleco theories/rant/questions (in other words, I'm bored)

Discussion in 'Freshwater General Discussion' started by NoctuVide, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. NoctuVide

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    Posting pictures of my L14 got me thinking.

    Now according to an article I was reading about L14 plecos, they are found in the exact same part of the Xingu river as L46 Zebra Plecos. Some theorize that Zebras actually use the deepest part of the L14's breeding nest for their own nest, let their fry grow with the L14's fry, and use the larger fish as protection for their fry rather than protecting their own.

    Now what I question is this: why if L14 and L46 come from the same part of the Xingu river, are they still able to export L14's, but not L46, when there are plans to dam that river and potentially kill off all wild plecos anyway? I can understand the point if it was purely for the fact that they are endangered in the wild, but if said dam is created, wouldn't they want to save as many of the Zebra's as possible and at least have their species continue to exist even if it is only in hobbyist's aquariums? Much too beautiful a species to let go to waste. This also makes me realize that I am somewhat selfish as I would be happy with owning just one Zebra Pleco, just to have it in my collection, where as if I ever have the chance to own any, I should focus on breeding them to help the species survive.

    This also brings up a question for me. I wonder what it is about that part of the river that has caused IMO two of the most stunning and beautiful Pleco species to evolve? Most fish coloration has either evolved for mating display purposes or camouflage, so I wonder which of the two it is for these two species. I would almost think as being pleco species it would be more for camouflage, but then I could be wrong.

    If time allows, I'm also considering doing a monthly photo of my L14 to show any growth and color changes as it ages. We shall see what happens.

    At any rate, sorry for the long rant and all my questions. I'm always curious to see what other people have to think about what I'm questioning. Also, the daughter is with Auntie and Grandma, and the Wife is at work, so I have entirely way to much time on my hands LOL
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    I think that the reason you hear more about saving the 46 than you do about the 14 is that the 46 is so differently colored, more people have picked up on it. Saving these beautiful creatures depends upon those in the know knowing and unfortunately it seems like not many in the know know about the 14 :(