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Marine life aquarium club collecting in Aus

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquariums & Fish Photos' started by pkc, Aug 10, 2011.

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    We got a notification from you guys that wanted some more pics if possible,i coppied some off a couple of recent collecting trips for you to look at.

    PKC doesn't do this any more as of ages ago,this is liquidg,i will keep using his tag for now here and there.

    As usual this thread is to keep a little club promotion happening as to the slightly special side of the club beyond just marine aquarium keeping.

    The following photos are of a reef that we are part of the few that know of it’s existence and some general free dive collecting from other areas in the south east of Queensland carried out over the last month by clubbies,some mates and club trips.

    Most of the collected species this month are for a swap with the club member Kitiaras and my new aquariums.

    She was wanting certain species and also develop a school of the pink and orange anthias for her aquarium, the ones for me are for conditioning to aquarium life as my new tanks are around three weeks off yet as I have only just finished making the tanks and started on building the denitrateing sections, dry sections and algae scrubber.
    Also,we are waiting on an order from a wholesaler in China for some cree LED based light fittings suitable for growing corals.

    It’s been cold in the water as winter comes on and not great vis as well, but as usual it’s all good fun and always productive.

    One of the lovely tube anemones around the new dive site.


    Lots of standard bubble anemones, most have either anemone crabs or latezonatus clowns in them,this cluster of around 20 anemones was over run with dominos.


    Most coral heads full of blue tangs this year, thousands of them around.


    Some colourfull red bubble anemones around at this site.


    These are some collected species from recent rips.

    A few adult coris seen,to big for our tanks.


    One of a few for Kit so far.


    Chris wanted a couple of these,the chiller died last summer and so did the other latz.


    There are 5 spots we know of where there are always some lysmata in 15 to 45 feet,seven were seen at one shallow spot in the behind long spine sea urchins,two were all i wanted for my new tank,now i have to wait for the spins to come out,ouch!