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Oceanvisions Backgrounds

Discussion in 'Aquarium Equipment & Decor' started by MOD_Dawn, Nov 4, 2010.

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    http://www.petscapeproducts.com/index.c ... tegoryID=1

    why is it that the brick & mortar and online retailer only carry certain colors of this type of background?? (ie. Mirror, Deep Ocean Blue, and Crystal Black).

    In the past I've used there Crystal Black and absolutely loved how it went on (no needing SeaGel...simple dish soap and water mix sprayed on while using credit card to "spread" any pockets/bubbles out).

    I know I'd love to "test" the Artic Blue or even the Aztec Teal on the back of the discus tanks.
    (just wanting to test something a bit different to see if it'd be any nicer than the pink I currently am using).