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Please Copy & Provide The Following When Posting

Discussion in 'Fish Diseases & Cures' started by MOD_Dawn, Jan 16, 2011.

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    1. What type of specimen/specimens are encountering the problem?

    2. Explain the problem/problems and how they began:

    3. List of any/all symptoms that are noticed in addition to how long they've been occuring:
    (i.e. hiding, not eating, sunken bully, clamped fins, clamped gills, discoloration, cloudy eye/eyes, salted appearance, flashing, darting, rapid gill movement, gasping at surface, sores/wounds, fungus, bloating, bulging eyes, rotting, listless, bent spine/deformity, etc)

    4. Other tank inhabitants? If so, what kind?

    5. Water parameters and source?
    [*]Water Temperature & If there's fluctuation
    [*]Water Type
    (i.e. Municipal (city), Well, Reverse Osmosis)

    6. Partial frequency and amount?

    7. All products used, the amounts used, and the frequency you use them:
    (i.e. Treatments, Additives, Medications)

    8. Anything new added recently?
    (i.e. Plants, Fish, Decorations, Substrate, etc.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.