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Question about my Betta...

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by JustinG, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. JustinG

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    So for the past month I have setup my new aquarium. Its been quite a learning experience!

    One of the fish in there is a female veiltail betta. 4 weeks ago, her stomach area turned white and became swollen. I looked up online what could be causing this, and found "Dropsy", with the only cure being "certain death".

    Naturally at this point I flipped out a bit, however after that day I have been very closely monitoring her, and within 24 hours the swelling went down. She never stopped her normal activities, still had an appetite, would swim happily. I also noticed, when her stomach was swollen, she wasn't "Pineconing" (scales sticking out) as people have described with dropsy.

    Could it just have been eggs, or constipation? Its been 4 weeks and she has yet to do anything out of the ordinary, and is still eating and swimming happily.

    What do you guys think? Given its been 4 weeks and dropsy is supposed to kill within days, I'd say I'm safe, but some peace of mind would be nice.