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Red Sea Flora Base Plant Substrate

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plants & Planted Tanks' started by MOD_Dawn, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Red Sea Flora Base
    (this product has been compared by many to ADA Aqua Soil and according to the label will need to be replaced at some point)

    from Red Sea rep when questioned about needing to replace the product due to mudlike appearance...
    -> Flora Base is patented, scientifically formulated produced from natural volcanic ash-based soil, sintered with other minerals into a soft, porous, granular structure.

    It contains all of the nutrients required by plants for proper development, guaranteeing ideal (natural) conditions for lasting plant growth.

    Its soft, porous, granular structure is easily penetrated by growing roots, positively anchoring plants to the substrate while providing immediate access to all of the nutrients.

    The porous structure also allows plant nutrients to be released to the surrounding water so that no additional fertilizers need be added for at least 6 months.

    The unique structure of the Flora Base granule enables it to actively absorb floating substances, removing cloudiness from the aquarium water and does not require an additional Carbon Dioxide system, it produces it's own CO2!

    Flora Base will also act as a pH buffer, mainaining a stable pH between 6.5 and 7.0, which is ideal for almost all aquatic plants.

    Each 12 Ibs.bag of Flora Base will provide the right quantity for a 10 gallon aquarium.
    Tank done with Red Sea Flora Base as substrate.jpg Red Sea Flora Base.gif