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Reef Systems Inc.: New Albany, OH

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by manta975, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Reef Systems Coral Farm, Inc.

    8459 Peter Hoover Rd
    New Albany Ohio, 4305

    This is a wonderful coral farm in the middle of central ohio. It is open all year round even during winter when there is several inches of snow covering the ground and the owner and everyone i met there where extremely nice. When i went in they where cutting corals and the guy doing that stopped to answer all my dads curious questions about corals and how they farm it. He showed us all 4 of the massive ponds they have in the back for growing most of the corals and clams and the tubs of live rock they had. I have yet to buy something from them as i don't do salt water (yet) so not sure how their prices compare but they do trades and seem like they would negotiate prices a bit. He is also a hobbiest and started this farm after he had tanks just as a hobby and seems to care about the animals a bit more than some stores i have been to do. If you live anywhere near New Albany this is definitely a place to go look at if you haven't seen it already even if you don't do salt water its sill fun to go and look at all the corals and clams.they also do tank set up and maintenance for fresh and salt water for homes and business.

    his website is http://www.reefsystems.com