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Various Seachem Flourite/Flourites & Sands

Discussion in 'Aquatic Plants & Planted Tanks' started by MOD_Dawn, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Seachem Flourite/Flourites & Sands

    The following is an explanation of the different types of substrates that are provided by the Seachem company, a leader in aquarium products. You're probably familiar with their water treatment products. They also make one of the best substrates for plant growth and sustenance of aquatic life in a nature, more maintainable product. It is also extremely attractive and well made, as you can see from the photos. However there are differences between the products.

    In many instances your decision will probably be based on aesthetics, not necessarily the difference of the products themselves. However, it is important to understand the mineral composition of the substrate, which many aquarium hobbyists do not perform. Take a good look at the Seachem Plant Substrat PDF which is listed below. It will provide you with a comprehensive understand of which sand or substrate is appropriate for the plants you wish to grow.

    [*]Seachem Onyx Sand

    [*]Seachem Flourite Black Sand

    [*]Seachem Flourite

    [*]Seachem Flourite Dark

    [*]Seachem Flourite Black

    [*]Seachem Flourite Red

    Mineral Composition Of Seachem Plant Substrates Doc

    :confused: http://www.seachem.com/support/FAQs/Flourite.html
    Seachem Flourite Red.jpg Seachem Flourite Black.jpg Seachem Flourite Dark.jpg Seachem Flourite.jpg Seachem Flourite Black Sand.jpg Seachem Onyx Sand.jpg